Welcome to the Zen Center of Las Cruces

What is Zen?

Zen is direct pointing to Reality. It has been said that Zen is like a finger pointing at the moon, where the moon stands for Reality Itself. The objective is not to stare at the finger, but to see the moon.

The Zen Center of Las Cruces

Our Zen Center is in the lineage of Rev. Soyu Matsuoka-Roshi in the Soto Zen tradition. Please explore our site and if you have any questions send email to me at the link address below.

All are welcome in our Zen Center regardless of religious orientation. Things you should know: Zen meditation or zazen is practiced sitting in a cross-legged position or you may sit in a chair. Incense is burned during the services. Plain green or white tea is sometimes served. If any of these things are problematic, please contact us and discuss your concerns. If you are new to sitting, please arrive about fifteen minutes early for a short orientation.  Please wear loose clothing.

Zen Service Schedule

Wednesday at 7:00 PM
Sunday morning at 10:00 AM

May all beings Awaken!

Rev. Michael "Gozen" La Torra-sensi,
Abbot, Zen Center of Las Cruces

706 S. Mesquite St. (on the corner of Mequite and Soledad)
Las Cruces, NM 88001-3623

Email: sogozen@gmail.com


Center News

  • Zen Services

    The Zen Center closes its doors for good at the end of September 2014. Until then, we contine our twice-weekly Zen services, Wednesday evening at 7pm and Sunday morning at 10am. more

  • Welcome

    Please come take a look around. This is our presence on the web. But our greater presence as a practicing Zen group is in face-to-face meetings. Our Zen Center is dedicated to meditation, wisdom-inquiry, and living compassion in relationships. Very … more

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